Nizhny Novgorod is referred to as the third “capital” of Russia, after Moscow and St. Petersburg. The city's perfect location promotes its economic and social growth. Nizhny Novgorod is the third largest city of Russia populated by approximately two million people. Founded in 1221, Nizhny Novgorod has retained many of its unique historic, architectural and cultural monuments. The city is on the UNESCO list of the top 100 cities worldwide that are most valuable in terms of culture. The industrial potential of Nizhny Novgorod sets it into the first five among more than a thousand towns of Russia being not only a scientific, cultural and industrial, but also big educational center of Russia.

 “Science is the only route to happiness”, was the conviction of the Nizhny Novgorod City Head Alexander Mikhailovich Memorsky, who first suggested establishing the Public Institute, the present Nizhny Novgorod State University, in 1905. For those who share this conviction, Nizhny Novgorod State University will become an ideal starting point for a scientific career, beautiful beginning of forward-looking professional growth.

About 30 000 people from 50 countries of the world are studying at Nizhny Novgorod State University. Students can choose any of the 46 specialities ranging from Information Systems and Technology to Psychology, from Philology to International Relations. The University comprises 20 faculties and more than 100 departments, 6 research institutes, and laboratories. Training is provided by a highly qualified teaching staff, over 70 % of them having a Ph.D. or Doctor of Science degrees.

By a variety of contractual relations, the University is closely linked to some of the best universities  and research centers abroad, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), University of Essen (Germany), London Metropolitan University (Great Britain), University of Calabria (Italy) and others. Student exchange programs, common international conferences, seminars, applied master classes and lectures held by foreign professors provide the students with opportunities to follow the world's latest trends in the area of studies, as well as to establish academic relationships and friendly terms with people from all over the world, which is extremely valuable today, when globalization is boosting on. Today, Nizhny Novgorod State University is certainly one of the top Russian classical universities, a huge center of education and research and culture of Russia. Holding leading positions among Russian universities, it has been widely recognized worldwide. The University is represented in the Executive Board of the Deans European Academic Network and also has got membership in the European University Association.Two of the University's successful international projects are worth special mentioning. The Russian-Italian University trains specialists in Economics, Finance, Information Science and Mechanics. On successful completion of the course, a graduate receives two certificates at once: the Russian degree and the certified Italian degree of higher education. Taking a course in Law or Economics at the Russian-French University guarantees regular trips to France for studies at French universities, as well as two Russian university degrees, either in Law and Interpreting, or in Economics and Interpreting.

The University is proud of its Education and Research Center for Physics of Solid-State Nanostructures, which is operated with a unique set of high-precision research equipment. Many well-known Russian and foreign scientists strive to work in this Center.

The campus is situated in the very heart of Nizhny Novgorod. There are University blocks, comfortable student hostels, cafes, a sports complex, a stadium, a hotel and a health center. Botanical garden, a library with a collection of over a million books, a publishing house, a printing plant and several research centers belong to the University, too. All these are meant to encourage students to test themselves in their speciality: to get practical skills, to become confident in their knowledge, and to extend their own interests.

Teachers work in cooperation with their brightest students to develop new technologies by order of such companies as Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Thelma (Motorola), etc. The best students are offered jobs in Representative offices of these and other companies in Russia and abroad.

From 2006 to 2010 the sphere of education is officially recognized as a National Priority Project of Russia. Within the frame of the State Project to support the State Higher Education Establishments introducing innovative educational programs, Nizhny Novgorod State University won a competition for the state support in the amount of about 21 million USD.

Upon successful completion of the University, the graduate gets a higher education degree of Russian national standard indicating Degree/qualification and speciality. The graduate also gets an additional document “European Appendix”, which allows its holder to get its equivalence in any of 45 European and other countries signed up to the “Bologna Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education” and to further education or apply for a prestigious job in these countries.

 This University offers a 4 year degree course in Information Technology and Computer Science in the English medium.