Globally Valid Qualifications

The Russian medical degrees are well received in most countries of the world. The following are some of the bodies recognizing the primary medical qualification awarded by Russian Medical Universities:

World Health Organization (WHO) in their “World Directory of Medical schools” lists the Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy, Ryazan State I. P Pavlov Medical University, Russian State Medical University, Moscow and the Saratov State Medical University. The listing enables a medical student to apply for any licensure exam in a country including the Medical Council of India Screening exam to register his degree.

The International Medical Education Directory (IMED)
provides an accurate and up-to-date resource of information about international medical schools that are recognized by the appropriate government agency in the countries where the medical schools are located. The agency responsible for this recognition in most countries is the Ministry of Health. Medical schools that are recognized by the appropriate agencies in their respective countries are listed in the International Medical Education Directory. A medical school is listed in IMED after FAIMER receives confirmation from the Ministry of Health or other appropriate agency that the medical school is recognized by the Ministry or other agency. FAIMER also updates the International Medical Education Directory as information about medical schools is received from Ministries of Health or other appropriate agencies.

ECFMG, USA- The doctors qualifying from the WHO recognized medical universities are eligible to appear for USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) in Moscow or other centers around the world.

General Medical Council (UK) - As GMC regards most of the primary medical qualifications listed in the World Health Organisation (WHO) directory of medical schools as acceptable for the purposes of registration with the GMC, the degrees awarded by the said Russian universities are also recognised. Hence, medical graduates from these Russian Universities can appear for the PLAB (the licensing examination for overseas doctors).

European Union- Russia is a signatory to the Bologna convention and even though Russia is not a part of the European Union, the degrees from Russia are considered as equivalent and are valid in the whole European Union. The Bologna Convention is a commitment freely taken by each signatory country to reform its own higher education system or systems in order to create overall convergence at European level.