Procedure and Time Frame

Step one: 

All students desirous of studying in any higher educational institute in Russia are requested to visit our offices for a free counseling where all the required information is given to the students regarding the various options that are available and also about the country. IFSC on their part makes all attempts to solve any query that the student / parent may have about studying in Russia. However, the student must take all necessary steps as required to satisfy themselves about their eligibility and the decision of enrolling and studying in Russia.

Step two: 

Once the student has satisfied himself / herself about all the merits and demerits of studying in Russia, the student is expected to make an application in the prescribed format with IFSC. You would appreciate that the seats in the Russian higher education system are limited and are offered strictly on a first come first served basis, subject to the final decision of the University and the marks obtained in the 12th standard incase of the MBBS students and the passing of the degree course along with the completion of the internship for the post graduate students. The student along with the application would submit all the documents as per the check list and the required processing fee as detailed.

Step three: 

Once the documents are submitted to IFSC, the student needs to apply for their passport incase the same is not ready. The issuance of the passport normally takes around 2 months and any delay would result in a subsequent delay in the joining of the University. All graduate medical students are required to apply for an eligibility certificate with the Medical Council of India, New Delhi. You could take guidance from IFSC in this regard.

Step Four: 

Once the University accepts the application of the student, the University issues a letter of admission confirming the reservation of a seat for the student at the University and in certain cases the invoice to remit the fees. The original letter and the invoice are sent by courier to our central office in Mumbai. This original letter of admission is handed over to the student to enable him to apply for his bank loan / expedite his passport process. The student at this stage is expected to make the balance payment of IFSC, and complete his medical examinations and also complete the process for Apostile of his educational documents.

Step Five: 

Upon receiving the passport and the visa invitation, IFSC makes arrangements to have the visa stamped on the passport by the Visa Office at the Russian Consulate / Embassy. Once the passport has been received by us after the stamping of the visa, a copy of the same is handed over to the student to enable him to remit the educational fees to Russia. The original passport and all other original documents are handed over by IFSC to the student once the confirmation of the remittance of the fees is received by IFSC.

Step Six: 

The student should now start his packing and also obtain the "Letter of Direction" from IFSC. He should make all arrangements to travel as per the date intimated by IFSC. He / she should also ensure that all documentation as has been detailed in the brochures is complete.