The undergraduate medical course in Russia leads to the degree of “MD Physician” which has been accepted and recognized as the primary medical qualification equivalent to MBBS.

In select Russian Government Medical Universities, international students have the option to study either in the English, French medium or in the Russian medium. 

For students opting to study in the English or the French mediums, the duration of the course will 6 (six) years including one year of practical training.

For students opting to study in the Russian medium, the total duration will be 7 (seven) years, the 1st year being the “Preparatory Faculty” where students will study the Russian language before proceeding to do the main course of 6 years duration.

Please note that students who opt for studies in the English medium department are not required to undergo the one academic year of the preparatory faculty in the Russian language prior to starting the main medical course. However, Russian as a subject would be taught in the first 3 years of education along with other medical subjects since the working knowledge of Russian is required during the clinical interaction after the 3rs year when the students start visiting the hospitals and clinics.