The year 1967, marked the auspicious beginnings of what is to become a premier educational institution in the country

particularly in the field of medicine, nursing, and paramedical courses. It all started when Jose C. Olivares, a chemistry professor 

by vocation but with strong entrepreneurial spirit, and his son-in-law, Dr. Vicente M. Santos, an obstetrician, founded the Our Lady 
of Fatima Hospital in 1967. It soon became the primary provider of medical services to the residents of Valenzuela and its

neighbouring towns. With a vision of creating medical complex that will be a training centre for competent health care providers, 

Mr. Olivares created the Fatima Medical Science Foundation Inc., and initially established the Our Lady of Fatima College of 

Nursing in 1973. More curricular programs were added in the 1970s including courses in Midwifery, Chemistry, and

Veterinary Medicine. More buildings were erected to accommodate the rapidly growing student populace. In June 1979, the 

Fatima College of Medicine welcomed its pioneer batch of medical students with Dean Filemon T. Gozum, M.D. at the helm of the 
academic program. Underscoring its civic and humanitarian calling, the Fatima Medical Science Foundation Inc., established the 

Leonora Juzgaya Scholarship Grant, which bestows free tuition, boarding and Lodging.