BSMD Fee in Our Lady of Fatima University

(In Philippines the student has to do 1 years of Bachelor of Science and then 4 years of medical course)

First Year (BSc / Pre Medical)  USD 7,000

Second Year – USD 5,000

Year - USD 5,000.00

Fourth Year - USD 5,000.00

Fifth Year - USD 5,000.00

Intakes- June/October/Feb/April Approx Rs 40,000/-

Internet: US$ 15 per month unlimited

Other Charges: Visa conversion charges from Tourist to student visa. US 500 in the first year. From second year it would be US$ 150 per semester.

BSMD Fee in Our Lady of Fatima University at Pangasinan State University, college of medicine

Application fee INR 30,000.00

Guardianship fee: USD 4,000

BS / Pre Med Tuition fee - USD 4000.00 ( this can be paid as USD3000.00 first semester and USD1000.00 second Semester)
BS Summer Fee - USD400.00

First year- USD6200.00
Second Year - USD2200.00
Third Year - USD2200.00
Fourth Year - USD2200.00

Hostel fee with Indian food all inclusive PhP 10,000.00 per month. Hostel is fully furnished and located inside the university.  Hostel and food fee can be paid every semester or every six months.

First year visa fee - USD 500.00
Second year to fifth year - USD300.00 per year

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