International Foundation for Studies and Culture (IFSC) is the pioneer and one of the oldest organizations in India promoting medical education in Russia for almost 10 years previously in association with the Cultural Departments of the diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation in India. Our success as a professional and student-friendly organization since the last 10 years made IFSC a familiar brand for Russian education not only in India but also abroad.

We do not intend to convince the parents and the students to believe whatever we say about us. We rather would like them to believe and trust IFSC because of our credentials, which are here for you to see.


Letter of Appreciation from the Consul General


Letter of Appreciation from the Consul General Of the Russian Federation in Kolkata


Letter of Authorization from the Vice Consul & Director of the Russian Cultural Centre in Mumbai


Letter of Authorization from the Vice Consul & Director of the Russian Cultural Centre in Kolkata


Excerpts of the Report of IDP Australia on the International Education Market in India


Perceptions of European Higher Education In third countries Country Report – India (Refer to Page no. 19 of this Report and Read the Paragraph on RUSSIA)


Certificate of Representation issued by the Russian-Asian Center for University Services (Russia)



Our success and reputation tempted many organizations and individuals to start promoting Russian medical education in India. Some even went to the extent of cloning our website and prospectus. Many such education consultants / agents spread all over India for Russian education have closed offices and vanished in the last few years. The reasons why these consultants/agents failed to deliver and survive can be listed as lack of knowledge and the expertise about Russian education system, dubious and fraudulent practices, luring students by providing lower tuition fees and service charges, claiming association and authorizations from different Universities and inability to keep the false promises made to students before admission. 

There are still some of such agents/consultants in operation in different parts of India. Parents and students are advised to exercise caution and care before dealing with them.